I'm a young freelance Chester artist and, much to the irritation of my family, I've always been a fan of painting or sketching those around me. So, I decided to pursue my hobby and venture to Lancaster University to study Fine Art. After graduating with a First Class Honours and getting approached by various people asking for commissions, I decided to turn my love of art into a career prospect.

I started painting commissions for friends of friends, who spread the word until I was sending a variety of art commissions across the North West. This also then expanded to the rest of the UK.

I currently specialise in both sketching and painting. The main three subjects for my artwork are people, pets and places. For example, I could draw or paint a member of your family or your favourite celebrity. I could also recreate your wedding destination, your home or the place you met a loved one. Finally, I could sketch or paint your furry friends, as I specialise in commissions of cats and dogs.

So if you’d like to commission some artwork, I’d love to help! Please click here to see my price list and examples of my previous work. You can also contact me directly here.